Automatic Die-Punch Inspection Kit

Pharmachine is now offering Automatic Inspection Kit for Punches & Dies for periodic inspection of Toolings. Routine inspection of Toolings is vital for achieving tablet size uniformity and better machine performance. Pharmachine Automatic Die-Punch Inspection Kit allows the operator to measure and record the dimensions of the Toolings quickly and more accurately with minimum error and ensures trouble free monitoring of the Tooling quality essential for the smooth production of various types of tablets in the Pharmaceutical Industry. As continuous usage of Die-Punch on the Tablet Compression Machine can give rise to several types of problems, it is mandatory for either the Tablet Compression Machine operator or the Maintenance department to inspect each and every Die-Punch after every batch. In the absence of monitoring of Tooling, it is likely to lead to major break-down of the Tablet Compression Machine and costly production losses. Normally Tablet production department can confront any of the following problems due to lack of inspection of Tooling:
  • Thickness and hardness variation of tablets produced from the Tablet Compression Machine
  • Collar formation on the outer edges of the Tablets
  • Powder seepage due to excessive clearance between the Punch and the Die bore
  • Punch running tight inside the Die bore and at times bending of small diameter punch tips
To co-relate the above problems one has to check the following parameters on each of the Tooling set:
  1. Uniformity of height on all Punches (for ‘A’)
  2. Punch tip and Die bore diameter clearance (for ‘B’ and ‘C’)
  3. Punch tip to body concentricity (for ‘D’)
The Inspection kit can also be used for checking Cup Depth, Punch diameters, Die outer diameter, Die height etc. The major advantages of using Automatic Die-Punch Inspection Kit over conventional or manual Inspection Kit are as follows:
  • Consistency of measurements with repeatability
  • Traceability of Data
  • Minimum Tooling knowledge requirement of the operator
  • Gives flexibility to generate customized report
  • Measured values can be presented in multiple formats namely, numeric values, bar charts, histograms, XR charts, full SPC data etc for easy data interpretation.
  • 21 CFR compliant and user friendly software interface
Technical Specifications:
  • All contact surfaces are made of replaceable Tungsten Carbide parts
  • Three different fixtures (two for Punch and one for Die)
  • 0.10 micron (resolution) high accuracy LVDT probes
  • 0-12 mm Digital Dial Gauge
  • 0-25 mm Digital Micrometer
  • Standard Masters for D, B and BB tooling