Auto Punch Polisher

Pharmachine is now offering Auto Punch Polishing machine to bring back used Punches & Dies to their original finish which normally goes through lot of abrasion during the Tablet Compression process. Powder also sticks on the body of the Punches & Dies which are very tedious and time consuming to remove through manual process. Pharmachine Auto Punch Polisher not only minimizes the dependence on the skill of the polishing operator but also gives you consistency in the quality of the surface finish of all the Punches & Dies, helping to achieve improved operational efficiency of the Tablet Compression Machine that gives high quality production on a continuous basis. The machine has a capacity to handle 33 Punches of B or D tooling. The machine can also be provided with Die Holders (optional) for ‘D’, ‘B’ and ‘BB’ Tooling.The Auto Punch Polisher uses food grade granules for the polishing process and takes approximately 20 minutes. The granules are available in bags of 25 Kg each. Main features of the Pharmachine Auto Punch Polisher are:
  • Fully automatic Punch & Die polishing system for handing large quantity of Toolings at one time./li>
  • Adjustable Speed A.C. drive mechanism.
  • Machine provided with PLC Control Panel for data storage.
Machine Specification:
Main Motor: 2 HP, 220 Volts, Single Phase, A.C. Drive Mechanism Secondary Motor : 0.5 HP 220 Volts, Single Phase, AC, 50 Hz supply line. Machine Dimension: 85 x 60 x 210 cm (L x W x H)