Die-Punch Inspection Kit

Die-Punch_Inspection_Kit Punches & Dies (Toolings) can give rise to several types of problems after continuous usage on the Tablet Compres sion Machine. Therefore periodic inspection of Toolings is vital for achieving tablet size uniformity, better machine performance and maximization of Tooling life. If the Tablet Compression Machine operator or the Maintenance department do not inspect each and every Die-Punch set regularly, it can lead to major break-down of the Compression Machine and costly production losses. Normally the tablet production department can confront any of the following problems due to lack of inspection of Tooling:
  • Thickness and hardness variation of tablets produced from the Tablet Compression Machine.
  • Collar formation on the outer edges of the tablets
  • Powder seepage due to excessive clearance between the punch and the die hole
  • Punch running tight inside the Die bore and at times bending/breaking of small diameter Punch tips
To co-relate the above problems one has to check the following parameters on each of Tooling set:
  • Uniformity of height on all punches (for ‘A’)
  • Punch tip and Die bore diameter clearance (for ‘B’ and ‘C’)
  • Punch tip to body concentricity (for ‘D’)
The Die-Inspection kit can also be used for checking Cup Depth, Punch diameters, Die outer diameter, Die height etc.