Digital Die-Punch Inspection Kit


Pharmachine is now offering Digital Die-Punch Inspection Kit for inspection of Toolings which facilitates the operator to measure and automatically record the dimensions of the Toolings on his/her personal computer for easy monitoring of the Tooling quality and store data of each set of Tooling for lifetime.

As continuous usage of Die-Punch on the Tablet Compression Machine causes lot of wear and tear leading to several types of problems, it is prudent for the engineering department to inspect each and every Die-Punch set and store the data in the computer.

The periodic storing of data of a particular set of Die-Punch on the computer will reveal any short coming on the quality of the Tooling or the need to reject any Tooling in the process of measuring and monitoring the dimensions. This kind of data set up of different types of Toolings on a PC helps to avoid any major break-down of the Tablet Compression Machine or avoid costly production losses by weeding out bad quality or worn out Toolings on a periodical basis.

Normally a Tablet production department can confront any of the following problems due to continuous wear and tear of Toolings:

  • Thickness and hardness variation of Tablets produced from Tablet Compression Machine
  • Collar formation on the outer edges of the tablets
  • Powder seepage due to excessive clearance between Punch and Die bore
  • Punch running tight inside the Die bore and at times bending/breaking of small diameter Punch tips
To co-relate the above problems one has to check the following parameters on each of the Tooling set:
  • Uniformity of height on all Punches (for ‘A’)
  • Punch tip and Die bore diameter clearance (for ‘B’ and ‘C’)
  • Punch tip to body concentricity (for ‘D’)

The Inspection Kit can also be used for checking Cup Depth, Punch diameters, Die outer diameter, Die height etc. The major advantages of using Computerized Die-Punch Inspection Kit over conventional or manual Inspection Kit are as follows:

  • Consistency of measurements with repeatability
  • Comparative study of old or stored data
  • Flexibility of generation of customized reports
  • Measured values can be presented in multiple formats namely, numeric values, bar charts, histograms, XR charts, full SPC data etc. for easy data interpretation.
Contents of Inspection Kit:
  • Dial Gauge Comparator Stand
  • Magnetic ‘V’ Block
  • Punch Holding Bush suitable for ‘D’ and ‘B’ tooling.
  • Digital Dial Gauge having 0.01 mm least count with USB port
  • 0-25 mm Digital Micrometer with USB port
  • 6 inch Digital Vernier with USB port
  • Radius Gauge: 0-7 mm, 7.5 – 15 mm & 15.5 – 25 mm.
  • Punch height gauge and Die OD gauge
  • Die Bore Go-Nogo Gauges – 6 Nos.
  • Magnifying Glass: 4 X
  • Die Pocket Cleaner: Suitable for ‘D’, ‘B’ & ‘BB’ Dies
  • Die Insert Jig: Suitable for ‘D’, ‘B’ & ‘BB’ Dies
  • USB Data Cable – 3 Nos.