Adept Double Rotary Tablet Press


We have been manufacturing Double Rotary Tablet Press (two hoppers) for more than 25 years and our main aim is to provide the pharmaceutical industry a well designed sturdy Tablet Press with all the GMP features which is simple to use. The double sided Tablet Press has a provision of variable frequency drive (VFD) that facilitates smooth take off without any jerky motion during initial starting of the machine.

While designing the Tablet Press, we have given major emphasis towards safety as well as reliability and durability of machine components and this concept can be understood from the following key features that are provided on the Adept Double Sided Tablet Press.

  • Safety spring (compression type) is provided to avoid overload on punches and this provision also acts as a tonnage indicator.
  • In order to reduce punch jamming occurrences, tunnel tracks are provided on the cam to ensure positive lifting of the Upper Punch thereby reducing wear and tear on the cam as well.
  • All care has been taken to ensure use of good quality grade casting when manufacturing Turrets in order to eliminate cracks. Detachable gear ring is used to minimize replacement costs.
  • An electronic timer is provided on the Tablet Press for the auto-lubrication mechanism to ensure that right quantity of oil is regularly supplied to all the lubrication points on the machine to facilitate smooth operation.
  • Setting of compression pressure and tablet weight control can be very easily done from the control panel provided on the front side of the Tablet Press without any need to open the machine doors.
  • AC speed control (VFD) mechanism is fitted on the control panel which makes the operation smooth and also very easy for the operator to work with. The 5 H.P. VFD speed control gives the operator a wider choice of speed range that facilitates the shop floor to work with all types of powders which has different flow-ability characteristics to achieve optimal tablet output from this Tablet Press.
  • With minor attachments (optional) Adept Double Rotary Tablet Press can be used to produce Bi-Layer Tablets also.

    NOTE:- A standard double rotary machine without VFD mechanism can also be offered on request.