Dust CollectorDust_Collector

Pharmachine offers ‘Dust Collector’ in an all Stainless Steel construction with contact part made of Stainless Steel 316 Grade (AISI quality) specifically for the Pharmaceutical Industry which enables drug and pharmaceutical manufacturers to maintain high GMP standards. Wet mixing & dry blending, granulation, drying, sizing, tablet compression and tablet coating departments in the Pharmaceutical industry usually generate lot of dust causing not only hazards to operators working on the shop floor but at times are also responsible for cross contamination with different types of drugs. Therefore an efficient Dust Collection system helps to reduce cleaning and sanitation efforts on the part of the operators during batch/product change over. Pharmachine uses high efficiency filters to stop 99.9% of the dust.

Technical specifications:

Model No. DE-300 DE-150
Contact Parts S.S. 316 S.S. 316
Suction Capacity 300 C.F.M. (500 m3 / hr) 150C.F.M. (250m3 / hr)
Filteration Area 15 Sq. Ft. 7.5 Sq. Ft.
Bags 6 nos. 4 nos.
Dust Collection Capacity 40 Liters 23 Liters
Inlets 2 Nos – 50 mm, 4 Nos – 38mm 2 Nos – 50 mm, 4 Nos – 38mm
Motor 1 HP, 3 PH 3/4 HP, 3PH
Net / Gross Weight 75 / 125 Kgs 60 / 95 Kgs.
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 650 x 800 x 1300 mm 480 x 640 x 800 mm
Case Dimensions (L x W x H) 850 x 1000 x 1700 mm 680 x 850 x 1000 mm