High Speed Mega PressMega_Press

This is a high speed Tablet Press which can be fitted with ‘75 stations’ (of BB Tooling), that gives you a simple and efficient solution for production of large volumes of small sized tablets. The Adept Mega Press is capable of achieving production of up to 4 million tablets per shift with ‘B & BB’ Toolings based on the maximum hourly speed of 540,000 Tablets (depending upon the product characteristics). Adept Mega Press also comes with different turret sizes like 45 & 61 stations fitted with ‘D’ and ‘B’ type tooling respectively for larger diameter round tablets as well as oblong shaped tablets. Adept Mega Press has been specially designed with a direct central drive devoid of any worm and worm wheel mechanism like conventional Tablet Compression Machines which are normally fitted with a gear ring on the turret. ‘Adept Mega Press’ is designed in such a way that the ‘Turret’ central shaft is directly coupled with the gear box shaft with a keyless coupling which ensures ‘zero’ backlash and therefore the Tablet Press can mechanically operate at high speeds and the only limiting factor is the powder/granule flow ability from the hopper to the Die stations of the Turret. Adept Mega Press is designed for 10-Tons pre-compression load which operates hydraulically. These pressure rollers are fitted with high load capacity bearings which do require frequent lubrication. There are ‘8’ numbers wide rollers which are identical and interchangeable. No compression springs are used either on the pre-compression rollers or main compression rollers because hydraulic power is used which gives uniform pressure during powder compression. The hydraulic system also acts as a release mechanism in case of overload and can be used to measure (optional) the applied pressure in tons. Adept Mega Press is the only machine that has a common hopper which can be used either as a simple gravity feeder or a forced rotary feeder. In the case of Force Feeder the Tablet Press is fitted with a 3-chamber bottom driven rotary feeder mechanism fitted with an independent AC motor. An overflow indicator is provided in a rotary feeder to prevent jamming due to excess flow of powder from the hopper. In the case of gravity feeding the multi-chamber Feed Frame is made of food-grade polymer. Automatic lubrication for Turret bearing, Upper and Lower Punch head keeps machine operation smooth. As and when the Lower Punch is removed there is no need to set the plugs because they are fitted with spring loaded anti-rotation plugs. The above gives operator a lot of freedom. Upper and Lower Punch collision prevention system is also an important feature of this Tablet Press design. The weight control as well as the pre-compression and main compression forces can be set by control knobs provided on the front panel and the calibrations are achieved through dial indicators. All the controls are connected using universal joints without any chain and sprocket mechanism. On the control panel, all the parameters like machine speed, feeder speed, hydraulic pressure setting, lubrication and safety interlocks are controlled through a PLC. The PLC also displays pressure, tablet count, turret RPM, motor ampere and stores batch data as well as product recipe.