Mini-Press (Lab Scale)

Mini_Press_R&D_Model This is a Rotary Tablet Press built as per current GMP standards and is robust in construction. This Tablet Press is very useful for R&D activities or it can also serve the purpose of producing small batches. This R&D Mini Press is provided with a central drive mechanism for keeping the Tablet Compression zone free from powder or dust for quick cleaning. The Tablet Press has also been provided with a pre-compression facility. The greatest flexibility of this Tablet Press is the availability of a multi-purpose Turret that can be used for all types of standard Toolings like ‘D’, ‘B’ and ‘BB’. The control panel of the Tablet Press is fitted with an AC speed variation system to operate from 3 to 30 rpm to give maximum flexibility of operation. If required, the Tablet Press can be fitted with force feeder system for powder feeding. With special attachments (optional) Adept Mini Tablet Press can be used to produce Bi-Layer Tablets also.