Multi Chamber Feeder

The Food Grade Gravity Feeder is manufactured from a food grade polymer, which not only minimises metal contamination but also eliminates black particles generated from metal feeders. The Multi Chamber design ensures that the die cavity is always covered with granules, the extrachambers make the granules move in a serpentine motion and increases filling time. Key Advantages
  • Minimises metal contamination
  • Eliminates black particles
  • Reduces weight variation
  • Auto adjusting scrapper blade
  • Does not bend like metal feeders due to mishandling
  • Increases RPM of your tablet press
Available For
  • ADEPT: ADR, ADR Bi-Layer, ASR, MEGA, Mini
  • CADMACH: CMD3, CMD4, CMB3 & CMB4, Cadpress I, Cadpress II
  • MANESTY: D3, D4, BB3, BB4, B3B
  • STOKES: D3, BB2, B2