Special Tooling

Multi Tip Tooling

Pharmachine has been manufacturing Multi-Tip Tooling for over 15 years now and can offer customers different varieties and configurationsof Multi-Tip Tooling to ensure uniformity of tablet weights during the Tablet Compression process. The biggest advantage of using Multi-Tip Toolings is increased production per tablet machine per unit space per unit time because Multi-Tip Tooling can give you an average of 50-100% higher production. Ironically, many people have misunderstood that Multi-Tip Tooling is a complex proposition and that replacement costs are very high. However, the real fact is that ‘Pharmachine’ has made Multi-Tip Tooling easy to use as with a simplified design with ‘tips’ that can be very conveniently replaced without the need to replace the entire Punch making it easy and economical. Multi-Tip Tooling is considered an economical option compared to high capital cost of investing on a new Tablet Press besides the additional space needed for such installation and extra operational and maintenance costs that are involved. Therefore, Multi-Tip Tooling is the right answer and makes more economic sense if you need to produce additional volume of tablets due to seasonal trends or export orders that are not regular in nature.