Punch Cavity Polishing Kit

Pharmachine offers a very compact Polishing Kit for regular maintenance of Punch cavities that are critical for the production of good quality Tablets. Punches, which are designed as per the size and shape of the tablets are one of the most critical Tools used by the Pharmaceutical industry for production of most commonly used medicines by patients, that is tablets. Therefore, it is important for the Pharmaceutical companies to ensure not only good quality Tablets to reach the end consumers but also make sure that their Tablets give a good visual appeal to strengthen the feeling in the minds of each patient consuming the Tablet as ‘best quality medicine’. As Punches are regularly fitted and then removed from Tablet Compression Machines, the Punch cavities undergo a lot of wear and tear due to powder sticking, continuous friction with powder material and constant handling by operators. The Punch tip or the edges of the cavities of the Punches are manufactured to a high degree of accuracy and therefore lot of precision work is involved. As wear and tear of Punch tips are common due to heavy usage, Tablets produced from un-maintained Punches can give dull or rough tablets as well as sticking and picking problems on the Toolings, leading to a lot of interruption during production. Therefore it is very critical as well as important to maintain the smooth finish of the Punch cavities all the time and this can be achieved by using ‘Pharmachine’ Punch Cavity Polishing Kit. It is mandatory for Tablet Compression Machine operator to regularly polish Punch cavity after every batch to ensure Tablets are of good finish and also Tablet Compression Machine gives trouble free production.