Punches & DiesPunches & Dies

Pharmachine with 45 years of Tooling manufacturing experience and the advantage of continuous interaction with the pharmaceutical industry for numerous applications, has enabled the company to get overall exposure as well as gain significant expertise in the art and science of Tablet Compression process.

The technology of Tool making is not just using high quality raw material and having stringent quality control measures but also understanding the nuances of the operations that are involved in the pharmaceutical industry, Tablet Press operators’ skill levels and most importantly the complexity of the latest high speed Tablet Press that are being used in the industry these days.

The Indian Pharmaceutical industry during the last 15 years has achieved a very major increase in the volumes of production of tablets and most significant is the fact that nearly 50% of the country’s production is getting shipped to sophisticated overseas market like USA, UK, Germany besides others. As a result of this, the demand for high quality Tablet Compression Tooling has been growing exponentially.

Therefore, on one hand Pharmachine has been constantly meeting the increasing demands of the Indian Pharmaceutical companies by making constant investments in latest technology CNC machines to increase production capacity to 110,000 Tooling sets per annum and on the other hand we have also been maintaining the highest quality standards at par with international Tooling manufacturing companies.

Our ability to supply Tooling to suit all the leading Tablet Press brands like Manesty, Adept, Cadmach, Fette, Kilian, Sejong, Korsch, Kikisui, Hata, Stokes, Ronchi, PTK, ZP (China) amongst so many others speaks volumes regarding our ability to serve all types and sizes of pharmaceutical companies not only in India but all over the world.

Special Tooling

Special Tooling

A modern Tablet Press conventionally known as Tablet Compression Machine gives the desired performance and produces good quality tablets subject to the machine being fitted with Toolings (Punches & Dies) that are well designed and precision engineered as well as manufactured from high quality and suitable steel and coatings. Tooling manufactured by ‘Pharmachine’ are in use with hundreds of Pharmaceutical companies both domestic and multinationals. This is adequate evidence showing the immense ‘goodwill’ the company enjoys in the market as a reliable as well as quality conscious supplier to the industry. The company also supplies tooling to hundreds of customers situated all around the world besides the local market.

Pharmachine has the most up to date manufacturing facility that has all modern CNC machines for cutting, milling, wire cutting and grinding operations. The company also uses specialized honing machines as well as fluid bed furnaces. The entire designing and manufacturing operations are aided through computers (CAD/CAM) and latest edition software ‘Solidworks’ is put to use in order to achieve best results.

We have grown over a time span of 45 years through a series of expansion programs as well as continuous up-gradation of our various manufacturing facilities and most importantly the quality assurance system. Besides modernization, we have also acquired necessary skills by imparting education and training to our workforce which has made possible us to export more than 50% of our production to various customers across the world.


Special Shaped Tooling

Pharmachine can not only advice you on ‘tablet design’ as per weight, shape, embossing, surface area and pressure requirements, but can also supply irregular and special shaped tooling to give your tablets ‘unique identity’. Our company is well aware of the fact that ‘master hob’ is the most critical component in the process of creating Tooling and so we have incorporated tailor-made CAD package to achieve a perfect design irrespective of the shape and size of the tablet.

Our computer aided design package is integrated with our CNC engraving set up to generate complex tablet surface as much as complex engraving on any kind of tablet surface. Our ability to supply heart/star/diamond/pentagonal/rectangular as well as animal shaped tooling confirms the in-house manufacturing expertise of Pharmachine.

  Special Tooling

Multi Tip Tooling

Pharmachine has been manufacturing Multi-Tip Tooling for over 15 years now and can offer customers different varieties and configurationsof Multi-Tip Tooling to ensure uniformity of tablet weights during the Tablet Compression process. The biggest advantage of using Multi-Tip Toolings is increased production per tablet machine per unit space per unit time because Multi-Tip Tooling can give you an average of 50-100% higher production.

Ironically, many people have misunderstood that Multi-Tip Tooling is a complex proposition and that replacement costs are very high. However, the real fact is that ‘Pharmachine’ has made Multi-Tip Tooling easy to use as with a simplified design with ‘tips’ that can be very conveniently replaced without the need to replace the entire Punch making it easy and economical.

Multi-Tip Tooling is considered an economical option compared to high capital cost of investing on a new Tablet Press besides the additional space needed for such installation and extra operational and maintenance costs that are involved. Therefore, Multi-Tip Tooling is the right answer and makes more economic sense if you need to produce additional volume of tablets due to seasonal trends or export orders that are not regular in nature.


Rotating Head PunchRotating_Head_Punch

Pharmachine can also provide Rotating Head Punch which helps in extending the life of the shaped Punches by offering less friction at a single contact point which puts less wear on the head of the punch, effectively enhancing longevity of the Tool life. The Rotating Head is specially designed for shaped Tooling which require fixed key positions. Basically, rotating head is a two-part punch configuration. In this design configuration, head of the punch rotates independently with respect to the keyed Punch body.

Therefore, this results in creation of less friction between the Cam and the Punch Head which reduces wear and tear in shaped Punches with fixed key position because the punch head gets hit by the Cam repeatedly on the same spot which is not the case when Rotating Head Punch is put into use. The other big benefit besides extended life of the Rotating Punch is the possibility to increase the speed of the Tablet Press.

Core–Rod Solutions


Pharmachine has successfully provided ‘Core-Rod’ type compression tooling for customers. Core-rod is a special solution for providing concentric hole at the center of the tablet. For this kind of production, it is necessary to specifically modify the toolings.


Specialty Materials and Coatings

Pharmachine has developed numerous materials and coatings for enhancing both compression efficiency as well as extended tool life.
  • Tungsten Carbide For highly corrosive powder or granules, tungsten carbide die inserts are provided because tungsten is an extremely hard material which improves the life of the tooling by 3 to 5 times compared to a standard tooling material.
  • Hard Chrome Plating This helps attain corrosion resistance due to some products or environment that has comparatively higher levels of humidity and this also helps in lubricity or in other words non-sticking of the fine granular powder on the punch surface.
  • Chromium Nitride Plating For sticky products, Chromium Nitride (CrN) plating can be provided which is very good for Anti-sticking. Besides sticking, this coating is also useful in corrosion resistance.
  • Bakelite Relief In this case an undercut is applied to the lower punch tip providing a deeper and sharper relief which helps in removal of granules adhered to the die wall. It is essential to remove the granules setting inside the die wall which otherwise might jam the lower punch inside the die bore.