Rotating Head PunchRotating_Head_Punch

Pharmachine can also provide Rotating Head Punch which helps in extending the life of the shaped Punches by offering less friction at a single contact point which puts less wear on the head of the punch, effectively enhancing longevity of the Tool life. The Rotating Head is specially designed for shaped Tooling which require fixed key positions. Basically, rotating head is a two-part punch configuration. In this design configuration, head of the punch rotates independently with respect to the keyed Punch body. Therefore, this results in creation of less friction between the Cam and the Punch Head which reduces wear and tear in shaped Punches with fixed key position because the punch head gets hit by the Cam repeatedly on the same spot which is not the case when Rotating Head Punch is put into use. The other big benefit besides extended life of the Rotating Punch is the possibility to increase the speed of the Tablet Press.