Adept Single Rotary Tablet PressAdept_Single_Rotary_Tablet_Press

Adept Single Rotary Tablet Press has been designed simple yet rugged for efficient use of the machine by the operator. The machine has been made as per GMP standards and has a compact design and a very small footprint occupying minimal room space.We are one of the first manufacturers of Tablet Press in India to eliminate the gear ring on the Turret for a single side Tablet Press and pro vide the central drive to eliminate the gear mechanism in the Tablet Compression zone in order to reduce cleaning and maintenance time of this Tablet Press.

Although the machine is a simple single sided Tablet Press, we have incorporated pre-compression to improve Tablet Friability and minimize capping problem so as to enhance the productivity of the Tablet Press.

The Tablet Press has an auto-lubrication mechanism to ensure that right quantity of oil is regularly supplied to all the lubrication points on the machine and guarantee smooth operation.

Setting of compression pressures and tablet weight control can be very easily done from the control panel provided on the front of the Tablet Press without any need to open the machine doors.

NOTE:- A standard single side rotary machine without Centre Drive can be offered on request.