Storage Cabinets for Die-Punch Sets


In a pharmaceutical plant, space is one of the biggest constraints and therefore Storage Cabinets have become an important necessity. Pharmachine Storage Cabinets are well designed to prevent damage to Tooling during handling (which is the cause for 80% of damages to Toolings) and transportation. These Storage Cabinets help Tablet Press operator to systematically index the Toolings, which makes it easy for its identification and helps to obtain correct Toolings as and when required without wasting much time.

Tablet production and processing area usually generate dust and therefore Tooling will remain free from dust pollution when they are kept inside the well designed Storage Cabinets. Storage Cabinets also essentially prevents Tooling from rusting when HVAC system is shut down during non-production hours.

Storage Cabinets can be supplied either in Mild Steel construction whose surface will be given oven baked paint or with Stainless Steel Die-Punch_Storage_Cabinet_Trays_&_Trolley material which will be given mirror polished finish.

Either 9 or 12 drawers can be supplied with each Storage Cabinet based on Tablet Compression Machine configuration in terms of number of stations. The 12-drawer Cabinet can accommodate 4 trays in each drawer (Total = 4 x 12 = 48 trays) and the 9-drawer Cabinet can accommodate 8 trays in each drawer (Total = 8 x 9 = 72 trays). Further, each tray can accommodate 8 sets of ‘D’ Tooling or 11 sets of ‘B’ Tooling wherein Toolings are stored horizontally. The trays are made from ABS plastic and have a standard dimension of 304 x 304 mm (12” x 12”).